1. S.H.I.T. at Now That’s Class. 02/16/13

  2. Cider  at Now That’s Class. 02/16/13

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    Thanks to Jeffrey Jinx 

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  5. Collaborative poster for the Destruction Unit/Institute/Breakout show by B. Hessler and myself in Chicago on 5/28/14. There will be 24x36 screened posters to commemorate the occasion for sale at the show.

  6. Vile Gash are playing two Ohio shows in a couple of weeks. May 23rd in Columbus with Mugger and some others and May 24th in Cleveland with World Domination, Hank Wood and more for Horrible Fest. We’ll be playing some new songs off of the upcoming 12”. Probably the only area shows for?????????

  7. 11/15/12

  8. 11/18/12

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    The Repos - No Consolation