1. Violent End 7” now available.

    The Violent End 7” is out now. The band has copies for gigs, so we aren’t going to do any mail order at this point. E-mail Martin.

    "New ep on Lengua Armada Records


    This band out of Chicago, smack us in the face with four stomping tracks that will crumble your world. The bass on this recording make you feel like the planet is going to pieces under your feet. Drums pound fiercely and guitars pierce right through your skull. Vocals are nasty and gruff as fuck! Be warned, for fans of hardcore.
    Features members of Vile Gash, Manipulation, Chronic Seizure, Repos, just to name a few.
    Only 400 available to the public.

    Available through me at martincrudo@yahoo.com
    Distributors get in touch for wholesale copies.

    Paypal payments for single copies to U.S. only $5 plus $2.50 shipping = $7.50
    Make payment to martincrudo@yahoo.com

    US and Canadian orders only. Check in about postage rates.
    Overseas folks do not order from me please check with La Vida Es Un Mus for copies of this ep. The shipping will be so much cheaper for you all.


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